Dramatic Portraiture 101: Standard

Dramatic Portraiture 101: Standard

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For years portrait photographer Miguel Quiles has refined and perfected his dramatic portrait technique, and now he is sharing his entire process from start to finish in this video tutorial! Miguel will cover everything you need to know to take amazing portraits, no matter the subject, and take your portrait work to the next level.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in this comprehensive tutorial: 

  • Introduction to Dramatic Portraiture
  • Selecting the right gear including recommendations for cameras, lenses, lighting, light modifiers, studio equipment, props, and everything else you'll need to take an amazing dramatic portrait
  • How to get the right camera and lighting settings everytime, anywhere
  • The differences between using High Speed Sync (HSS) and Neutral Density Filters (ND) when shooting a dramatic portrait
  • Setups for speedlite & studio strobes
  • How to pose your subject easily 
  • How to get the best expressions out of your subjects to get the best look in your final images
  • Example setups for both male and female subjects
  • How to retouch your images easily using Photoshop & Alien Skin Exposure X2

This series will be available in 2 versions.

The standard edition includes the complete video tutorial in a downloadable format that you can watch at your leisure.

The LIMITED EDITION version (only 50 of these will ever be created) of this tutorial will include the complete video tutorial PLUS 10 of Miguel's favorite customized Alien Skin Exposure X2 presets to help you quickly and easily get his signature finished look AS WELL AS a hand-signed 13X19 print of one of his favorite dramatic portraits!